Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Pattern lust - Butterick B5920

Well. I'm a bit in love with this. 

Not the styling. Or the look of pained concentration on the models face. She kind of looks disappointed with herself, or possibly the hairstylist. 

The skirt needs to be shorter and the belt a different colour. And I will just mention the hair again as a no.

But I said I loved this and I really do. I love the collar and the lace and the shirty-ness of it.

I will make this!

Once I have mastered button holes. And interfacing. And lace.


  1. I think the hair is supposed to be that "freshly ****** look, or at least awakened suddenly!

    The length: you are so right: shorter, please.

    Lace is supposed to be rather a bear ... I haven't kept up with you lately but you'll maybe save this for your Tour de Force. A nice pattern for lace, tho ... dreaming on ...

  2. Oops, getting wordy here, but do you think there might be too much gathering in the post-waist area? Looking again I think I might use a really drapey lace or lace-look fabric at least for the skirt.
    Tina in San Diego

    1. Luckily my hips are a bit narrower than they could be so I'm not too worried about gathering in the post-waist area, the bigger the better. Plus doesn't it make your waist look smaller?


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