Saturday, 8 June 2013

Italian Coffee and Markets

You might have noticed that the photos in my last post were not taken in Yorkshire, I went all the way to Italy to give my polka dot dress a worthy first outing. Specifically we went to a walled city called Urbino and it was lovely. I drank quite a lot of wine.
I also discovered coffee. I had tried a mocha once before but it made me dizzy and gave me a headache, so usually I stay far away from coffee. However everyone else on our holiday drank several cups a day and it's just not acceptable to drink moscato in the morning. So I had a latte. Which was de-licious. Then we hit the market and I had a WILDLY OVEREXCITED AND BRILLIANT (if slightly jittery) time.
There was a lot of cheese and fried fish and spit roast wild boar. There was also a very cute haberdashery stall the likes of which Leeds Market could only dream of.

Note the crazy Italians in actual coats, in May. There was definitely no need for a padded gilet.

I wasn't really concentrating properly after the coffee, I kept flitting round the stand looking at new reels of things whilst my lovely boyfriend patiently looked on. I did eventually manage to buy something, I bought these bits of lace stupidly cheaply, I think I got 7 metres of lace and a big reel of thread for under 7 euros.

Now that I'm home and sworn off coffee again (there was a second latte and it didn't end well) I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to use it for. But I have some ideas...

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