Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Commitment and a fish slice

So far I've done a bit of sewing on my bedroom floor and a bit of sewing on the dining table and spread a lot of thread EVERYWHERE. This caused me to misplace quite a few important bits and pieces, like the tape measure, needles, bobbins and at times, my sanity.

So it seemed like time to commit and make myself a proper sewing area.

I picked up a table for the princely sum of £6.50 from a charity warehouse and I spent a weekend or two doing it up.

First I had to scrape off the papier mache. Somebody had covered the tiled top and the legs in wrapping paper and then drawn and written all over bits of it in biro. Actually this bit was very soothing, nothing like destroying hours of somebody elses artistic vision with a fish slice. That sounds a bit odd, but I have a very limited tool box.

Excuse the poor photography, I was overexcited.

I sanded and painted and sanded and painted and sanded and painted.
All I will say is that one coat paint is a LIE.

But it looks a whole lot better. Look!

And now I have somewhere to sew! More on that later. 

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