Thursday, 6 June 2013

Butterick 5317 - The Finished Article

*Trumpet fan fare*

The dress is finished! And I got to wear it last week in Italy!!

I didn't make it with pockets - or else my hands would be firmly stuck in them in the photo above. I read other reviews that said to leave out the pocket on the side with the zip to reduce bulk. Only one pocket? What's the point?

The back of the bodice is the only place I made any alterations and I think they worked well. I redrafted the pattern reducing the width of the scoop back and trimming some excess from each of the edges after looking at how a muslin mock up looked on me. 

The only downside? It crumples a bit. The photo above was taken straight after breakfast and just look at the skirt. Hmmmmm.
However, I love it sooo much that I shall forgive it. I might make it a little less low cut if I make it again though. I felt a bit busty all day, however nobody complained.
All in all a massive success for dress number one.
What next?...


  1. Wow, what an amazing dress. Well done!

  2. lovely dress - i might have to invest in that pattern!

  3. This dress is incredible! It makes me want to buy the pattern instantly.
    You've done such a great job I can't wait to see what you try your hand at next!


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