Sunday, 23 June 2013

D&D Datura - on my sewing table

Taken from

I've mentioned it before, but I really love Deer & Doe's Datura blouse.

I was bought the pattern from the lovely ray-stitch in London town when I was down for my birthday along with many many other things. I was spoilt and I just don't care what anyone thinks.

So far I have
  1. carefully traced all the pattern pieces onto pattern paper 
  2. ummed and ahhed over what kind of muslin/mock up to make
  3. washed and ironed my mock up fabric
  4. lost one of my pattern pieces
  5. found it in the bin
  6. cut out all my fabric
  7. made some bias binding
  8. started joining bits together
  9. been very confused
I will have a finished item to show fairly soon I think. Mind you it will be made in fabric sent by the devil himself. This fabric is awful. It hates being pressed. It hates being sewn. Every pin prick or misplaced stitch leaves a hole. It hates being bias binding. However, at least it doesn't fray.
The man who sold it to me claimed it was a lovely cotton lawn. I think he lied. Firstly as I've mentioned, it isn't lovely. Secondly it isn't much like lawn. Its thick, opaque and not very soft at all. This is what happens when newbies buy fabric from markets, you don't come away with what you expect. Meh.

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