Wednesday, 26 June 2013

D&D Datura - The wearable muslin

Well. To be honest, I'm not that keen. It looks really homemade instead of handmade.

Lots of that might be to do with the fabric. It's too stiff for a top like this really. And I hate it a little bit. You might be able to tell by the right grump I have on in the picture above, that was probably down to noticing it had creased whilst I bent down to fasten my shoes.

But I've also had sizing issues. I made a size 40, but I then cut a lot out round the hips and waist to avoid huge flappy empty bits which has led to some oddness at the back (above). And I reckon the shoulders are too wide. So should I cut a size 38 or 36 and do an FBA? (I would actually need to find out what one of those was).

However, it's not all bad, it looks quite acceptable with a jacket. So I'm keeping it.

(Apologies to my lovely housemate/photographer who was trying to learn about diabetes in pregnancy when I hauled her off to take these at 10pm last night.) 

Whilst I'm not that keen on the finished garment, I can't be rude about the pattern. It is a beautiful thing and it does say it's not for beginners, I just chose not to listen. Some of the instructions had me scratching my head for a while and it doesn't hold your hand through every step. So common sense/imagination or experience is necessary.
The way the yokes are joined together at the shoulders was a bit of a surprise. I can't even think of a sensible way to describe it, however, once I'd worked out what they meant I did think it was rather clever.

So, will I be cutting into my beautiful liberty tana lawn that I've earmarked for a 'proper' version? Eventually yes. I just think maybe I need to get a bit better first, at pretty much everything.


  1. Hello from another sewing newbie. I actually really like this -- the neckline is really cute. (It looks like a total pain in the butt to sew, though!)

    FWIW, I'm all for trying "average" or "advanced" patterns. My first dress was a Vogue pattern rated average. I feel like it's more fun to learn techniques on an actual garment you'll wear vs. practicing on scrap fabric anyway.

  2. Well exactly! You've got to love what you're sewing otherwise what's the point?

    And actually the neckline was not the most annoying bit to sew, the rest of it was. :p

  3. It looks great to me! The colour is very nice. Looking forward to following your sewing adventures!

  4. I don't think the skinny pants flatters so much, or the complicated shoes. Try it with a skirt, even a flouncy or layered one, and see how you like it. Belted maybe, but with a romantic sash? I dunno, because I have a devil of a time "styling" my own sewing finishes ...

    1. I agree about the skinnies. I think I've found a way I like it better though. I might pop a photo up soonish.


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