Friday, 26 July 2013

Pattern lust - Tania Culottes

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I very much need these Megan Nielson culottes in my life. They are beautiful.

I think it was lladybird's version that swung me, that and a useless but lovely dress in my wardrobe. Its a navy broderie anglaise baby doll dress I bought from topshop an embarrassingly long time ago. Baby doll is not a winning shape on me and its a little short. However the skirt is nice and full and the fabric is lovely so I think I might try and turn it into these.

However, the pattern appears to be sold out everywhere, I found one stockist in the UK which didn't have a big sold out sticker plastered all over the page and I've placed an order. I'm not entirely sure if this company - backstitch, actually has them in stock or just doesn't believe in out of stock notices. Only time will tell eh?


  1. I totally want to make these as well, and a coupe of other Megan Nielson patterns. I'm waiting for inspiration for the right fabric, although maybe I ought to be trying to hunt down the pattern first!

  2. These are brilliant - I just made some and am just about to start cutting my second pair. Excellent taste you have! The only thing is, unless you keep them very short, they quickly become fabric-eating monsters. I hope there's a lot of that dress...

    And backstitch are usually excellent, I've ordered from them a few times and am always astonished at how quickly they manage to ship stuff.


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