Friday, 4 October 2013

What next?

Although I'm knitting, I'm not sewing, there isn't even anything on my 'sewing table'. I'm just not sure what I want to make next. Possibilties include:

  • A pink woolen picnic blanket skirt - much like these which I've stolen off pinterest. Surprisingly hard to find the right pink boucle/textured wool though. I've been looking for a while.

  • A chistmas appropriate winter dress - my lovely boyfriend is in the army and that means christmas balls. Jingle Jingle Jingle. But what would it be made out of? Crepe? Silk? I'm tempted to make another Anna dress, that split up the front calls to me. Real loudly. Also theres a little tutorial for adding sleeves on the By Hand London Anna sewalong. Tempting.
  • I also have the Charlotte skirt pattern. I'd like a few lovely pencil skirts. I also found when perusing the amazing Dolly Clackett blog that mixing the anna bodice and the charlotte skirt make a beautiful melange of a wiggle dress. I'm going to post her picture below and hope she doesn't mind.

  •  I'd also like to make a Lady Skater or two. Big 'but' though, I don't know how my little machine would handle jersey, it doesn't do anything other than regular old straight stitches. But ideally I'd like to make a couple like the dresses below, the one on the left is from Whistles and the one on the right is from M&S. 

  •  I would include the tania culottes, but it's too cold these days for shorts. Next year! 
Anyhow. I'm lacking fabric. I might pop down the market this weekend, or I might find something in PARIS next weekend. *Rubs my hands together in glee*

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  1. I also use a straight stitch machine (Singer 201K1), and you can sew jersey but the techniques are a bit different. *If* you have a zigzagger attachment (I invested in a singer automatic zigzagger after much deliberation and also having acquired a simpler zigzagger that I played with successfully) then you can even sew a zigzag. It is much easier in a heavier jersey with not too much stretch. I always spray starch the seams to death and dry with an iron (multiple sprayings and ironings are required) so that it can't stretch under the machine. Old books also suggest using a piece of tissue paper on one side, but I haven't found that to work out so well as the starch.

    If you don't have a zig zagger attachment then you can still sew stretch fabrics so long as they aren't too stretchy. What you do is use a longish stitch length and stretch the fabric as it is sewn through. It works fine, but if using this method I sew each seam twice just in case. You'll find this recommended in old books too.

    This is where I got my automatic zigzagger from:
    The simpler one I mentioned I have now passed on to my sister to use with her 185K. It's the one labelled "ZZ005 Regular Singer Zigzag attachment foot (top) with Edge Joining plate (below);" on that page. They work really well. I only really got the bigger, fancier one because I wanted to do some decorative top-stitching.


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