Saturday, 4 May 2013

Lacy Daisy Peplum Top of Dreams

I'm merrily sewing away on my butterick muslin - pictures to come soon. But in the meanwhile I thought I'd stick up a picture of a top I really really really want.

Photo courtesy of
It was from a feature on Glamour magazines website on what to wear to a spring wedding. (I don't have a spring wedding to go to, but it'd sure brighten up a trip to morrisons). Glamour claimed it was from Dorothy Perkins and so I haunted the DP website like a hopeful little ghost for ages hoping to find it. But alas it never appeared. 

So instead I decided I'll make it for myself! Probably not in beige either, because I don't actually want to be washed out like a little ghost. What I've got to work out now though is how to construct it and in what fabrics. Any thoughts?...

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